5 Simple Statements About guinea pig urine color Explained

Cure for cystitis includes fluid therapy to keep the kidneys Doing work appropriately If your piggy is dehydrated. Agony relievers and antibiotics also are usually utilized to treat cystitis. If uroliths is diagnosed since the trigger, it ought to be dealt with. 

Take into account that guinea pigs Have a very large affinity for water. They need to drink just about 100ml of h2o daily. Offer contemporary h2o in thoroughly clean drinking water bottles. Guinea pigs don’t consume h2o from dirty/muddy nozzles.

Guinea pigs clearly show improvements in Bodily activities before blood flows coupled with urine. Observe In the event your guinea pig provides a bloated abdomen and damage or swelling around the bladder. These are the signs and symptoms of bladder stones. 

Pale and shiny yellow is typical guinea pig urine color. If the piggy’s pee color is yellow, you should rejoice mainly because it is an indication of a healthful guinea pig.

It’s not uncommon for your shade of a guinea pig’s pee to change in just a working day. Take note, a piggy’s urine will take nine distinct shades/colors, and every color tries to explain anything.

Providing the situation is in its First stages, you can deal with the issue just by reducing the quantity of calcium-wealthy meals within the diet plan. 

three. That you are sanding a flooring realizing there are some questionable places and stains, but if you hit it with the massive equipment the odor forces you to depart the room in quest of an entire-encounter respirator and a shower.

These stains not simply make the cage odor lousy, Nevertheless they can also be Unpleasant and tough to remove. In the following paragraphs, We are going to discuss every thing you need to know about guinea pig urine stains And the way to handle them.

Nevertheless, calcium is needed by guinea pigs for healthier enamel and bones but in a small amount. You ought to steer clear of foods using a high material of calcium.

By monitoring your guinea pig’s urine color, you can capture prospective medical issues early on and search for veterinary care prior to they grow to be additional really serious.

Guinea pigs typically pee red urine right after feeding on vegetables for example dandelions, broccoli, and cabbage. This strange urine coloration is because of the excretion of plant pigments in the diet plan. And it really is nothing at all to worry about. 

Conserve the pellet check till very last. Your more info pigs will not likely die from one bag of Oxbow, but I'll point out that vet expenses for urinary tract stones will be a heck of lots in excess of $fifteen, so That is no destination to be penny-wise and pound-foolish.

Guinea pig bedding is often similar to a vast desert, with seemingly infinite selections to select from. But for people…

Additionally, in circumstances where by guinea pigs urinate a lot more than standard, it’s constantly an alarming point. Your minimal Mate really should go ahead and take shortest time before urinating once again is quarter-hour.

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